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  • Toby Moth

    Toby Moth

  • Florine Groenen

    Florine Groenen

  • Morwenna Causey

    Morwenna Causey

  • SteveYeah


    Software engineer

  • Lauren


    Autistic woman. D&D enthusiast and DM. Humanist. Data person. I collect practical tips and real-life reflections for autistic adults at www.colourmeautistic.com

  • Tom Townsend

    Tom Townsend

    Talent Acquisition Lead

  • Adriano Medeiros Dos Santos

    Adriano Medeiros Dos Santos

    Software Engineer at Gousto

  • Pat Kua

    Pat Kua

    Tech Leader. Author. Keynote speaker. Former CTO/Chief Scientist @N26 , @ThoughtWorks alum. Runs http://levelup.patkua.com and http://techlead.academy

  • Susan A David, Ph.D.

    Susan A David, Ph.D.

    Cofounder, Institute of Coaching, a McLean/Harvard Medical School Affiliate | Author, Emotional Agility | CEO, Evidence Based Psychology

  • Shaun Pearce

    Shaun Pearce

    Cloud Geek, CTO @GoustoTech

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